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Awake IntuMind, Inc.


Awake IntuMind, Inc., conceived and nurtured by Edna Laurent-Tellus, stands as a pioneering force in the sphere of mental health care, coaching, and consultation services. The organization is deeply rooted in a philosophy that champions the intrinsic connection between mental and physical wellness, providing a holistic and solution-focused approach to its diverse clientele, including individuals, couples, groups, and businesses. Awake IntuMind transcends traditional paradigms of healthcare, facilitating an environment where clients are empowered to navigate through their wellness journey, meticulously supported by a devoted and adept team. With a spotlight on inclusive and diverse care, the entity is carving out a new trajectory in empathetic, holistic mental health care and coaching, emerging as a true companion in the multifaceted journey towards holistic health and contentment. FB: Instagram: YouTube: LinkedIn:

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