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Ugur Yilmaz's initial venture, "Lube2Go" (, pioneered in providing innovative on-site fleet car maintenance services, establishing partnerships with renowned national entities such as Hertz, Avis, and Enterprise, among others. The model extended, delivering mobile car care and detailing services to corporations and real estate firms, effectively intertwining amenity services and employee perks through a seamless online booking system. The horizon further expanded to include a plethora of mobile services like house cleaning (, dry cleaning (, and phone repair services ( Now on the rise is "YesiLocal" (, an encompassing platform aimed to harbor an array of mobile services, ranging from pet grooming to landscaping, navigating through a network of dedicated service providers. Anchored on principles of fairness, customer excellence, and community service, YesiLocal aspires to craft a service web wherein small businesses blossom while catering to a diverse spectrum of needs.

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