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Espace Chrysalide


Espace Chrysalide, founded by Cindy Morquette and Jemmima Maxi, emerges as a beacon of Haitian cultural knowledge and wellness, offering an enchanting blend of art classes and vibrant activities aimed at children aged two and above. With a vision deeply rooted in educating and sharing about Haitian culture, and promoting holistic well-being, Espace Chrysalide uniquely caters to Haitians both in their homeland and in the diaspora, utilizing arts, sports, and a plethora of creative activities. Cindy, adept in dance and psychology, and Jemmima, specializing in early childhood education and recreation, initially aimed to highlight the significance of leisure and art in young education. However, as the Haitian diaspora expanded and the knowledge of their own culture among young Haitians dwindled due to Western influence, they reshaped Espace Chrysalide to serve as a vibrant cultural anchor, now seeking to broaden their impact through enhanced online presence, revitalized branding, strategic marketing, and impactful partnerships.

About the Founder

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