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ESK Specialty Coffee


"ESK Specialty Coffee" serves not just a cup of coffee, but a tale of empowerment, sustainability, and exquisite flavor. Committed to making a tangible difference in the world of coffee production, ESK emphasizes supporting and bolstering women-led farms across diverse regions. The company prioritizes sourcing premium coffee beans from a network that adheres to sustainable and ethical farming practices, consistently producing beans that boast a score of 85 points and above, synonymous with exceptional flavor and aroma. ESK goes beyond mere sourcing - it immerses itself into the educational facet, providing vital resources and training to women farmers in managing finances and implementing sustainable farming practices, such as intercropping and animal rearing. Envisioning a holistic, integrated supply chain of coffee beans that encapsulates sourcing, processing, roasting, and packaging, ESK aims to minimize both risks and costs associated with transportation, all while echoing its commitment to ethical practices, community upliftment, and the promotion of sustainability and ethicality in coffee production.

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