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Building Strong Foundations: DREAM Venture Labs' Comprehensive Support for Refugee Entrepreneurs

There are numerous nonprofit organizations that aid immigrants and refugees in Boston. Among them include the International Institute of New England, Catholic Charities of Boston, and the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition (MIRA). Many of these organizations also help immigrants and refugees in the business sector, such as the Immigrant Learning Center and its English Learning programs and Entrepreneurship Awards.

All of these nonprofits are fantastic resources and help get immigrants and refugees on their feet in America. However, the sheer number of organizations and their services can be overwhelming – especially for nonnative speakers. Furthermore, even though these charities and institutes can help immigrants stand up, they don’t always help America’s newcomers navigate their new cultural and legal surroundings.

Understanding such surroundings is immensely important when starting a business. Rather than searching for entrepreneurial resources across nonprofits, immigrants and refugees can use DREAM Venture Labs to take their next steps.

Whether those steps include filing legal paperwork or developing growth strategies, DREAM Ventures Labs has the guidance that immigrant entrepreneurs need. Using our database of student volunteers and business owners, we can assign consultants and mentors to clients. Student consultants can provide guidance from marketing tactics and public relations advice to executing website designs and social media management. The expertise DREAM Venture Labs offers is as vast as its volunteer network.

Unlike other nonprofit organizations, DREAM Venture Labs does not simply offer lump sums of cash or advice. Rather, we work with immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs over time, helping them build their businesses sustainably and successfully. Such support is instrumental to ensure stable, prosperous businesses. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 45 percent of businesses fail in their first five years. DREAM Venture Labs does its best to ensure that our immigrant and refugee clients are not part of that percent. Thus, clients can rely on DREAM throughout their business growth.

For instance, a client may access DREAM Venture Lab’s MBA consulting services to evaluate the feasibility of their startup idea. If feasible, then consultants can help the client lay the foundation for their business – being legal paperwork, pattons, etc. – and move forward from there.

Moreover, aid is not only for new businesses. Established entrepreneurs may also meet with DREAM Venture Labs to update and fortify their business tactics. For example, a business that wants a PR refresh might meet with a social media or web design consultant.

Immigrant and refugee owned businesses can always rely on DREAM Venture Labs for support. Our support strategies, however, allow businesses to grow from DREAM rather than become dependent on it. In other words, as these businesses develop, they will acquire the strong foundations and entrepreneurial expertise to succeed on their own.

Not only does DREAM Venture Labs have a long-term commitment towards its clients, it also has a widespread reach to clients. Unlike many Boston-based nonprofit organizations, DREAM Venture Labs can help immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs across the country. Our volunteer database can connect businesses owners and consultants together in any city. Even in smaller towns, consultations and legal advice occur virtually, making DREAM Venture Labs all the more accessible.

You can learn more about joining DREAM Venture Labs on our website.

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