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Immigrant Business Spotlight | Kola Goodies

South Asian culture is rich in tradition and vibrant in diversity, but is still underrepresented in many communities. Mainstream media and entertainment often overlook the contributions of South Asian heritage and even create stereotypes regarding South Asian culture. As a result, members of South Asian communities are faced with limited visibility and a lack of societal appreciation. To actively promote and celebrate South Asian culture, Sajani Amarasiri founded Kola Goodies, an immigrant & woman-of-color led company.

Sajani Amarasiri immigrated from Sri Lanka to America for college at the age of 19. She worked long hours in tech and always looked for natural ways to nourish herself. Growing up in Sri Lanka, Sajani’s Amma would always make Kola Kanda, a healthy, green Sri Lankan breakfast drink. However, far from home, Sajani did not have the time or ingredients for the beverage. To satisfy her cravings, Sajani founded Kola Goodies, a company that satisfies today’s wellness needs and increases South Asian cultural representation.

Kola Goodies creates functional drinks rooted in South Asian culture. The drinks not only support individual health, but also global health. The generationally inspired, botanically-rich blends support the farmers from where they were sourced, and the plant power promotes healthy digestion, laser focus, and lowered stress levels. Some blends include: milk tea latte, super green latte, and turmeric latte.

With five star ratings and successful growth, Sajani and Kola Goodies highlight the power of immigrant entrepreneurs. Not only was Sajani able to bring her dreams to life, but she also found a platform to promote and celebrate South Asian culture. Now, with a team of passionate individuals and an unstoppable drive to grow her company, Sajani forges ahead, breaking all barriers.

Kola Goodies is one of many immigrant ventures that exemplify the spirit of entrepreneurship and the remarkable contributions that immigrants make to the business world. By bringing fresh perspectives to the market and creating diverse offerings, they add vibrancy to communities and enrich society as a whole. To ensure continuous improvement and foster a thriving entrepreneurial environment, we must support immigrant businesses and empower them to reach their fullest potential.

To learn more about Kola Goodies and explore their delicious, heritage-based products, visit their website! You can also check them out on Instagram and Tiktok @kolagoodies! To find more information on how to support immigrant businesses, visit DREAM Venture Lab’s website!

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