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Hailing from Turkey, Ugur Yilmaz, albeit backed with an engineering background, has consistently leaned towards the business spectrum, founding his first company during his educational years. His journey traversed through Central Asia for seven years post-1993, eventually anchoring in the States in 2000. Initiating a successful business venture in Rhode Island, dealing in premium cheese and gourmet foods, his store was acclaimed by Gourmet Magazine as one of the US's top 12 specialty stores. However, the 2008 economic crisis posed a substantial setback. The adversity, however, metamorphosed into a resilient, crisis-immune business ideology, focusing on addressing 'needs', evading perishable inventory, and amalgamating both B2B and B2C models. An international marketing alumnus from BU, multi-lingual, and a family man blessed with a spouse and two children, Ugur's narrative is a testament to triumph navigating through trials, establishing businesses that seamlessly interweave customer needs, corporate efficacy, and community impact.

Ugur Yilmaz

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