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Meet Kamila Siddiqi, the creative force behind Khanagi, a home kitchen

that transcends cooking—it's a tribute to resilience, passion, and the vibrant flavors of Afghanistan.

Hailing from Nangarhar, Afghanistan, Kamila is not just a devoted wife to Kamran Siddiqi and a loving

mom to two daughters and a son: she is a visionary challenging traditional role.

In a culture where certain roles are traditionally assigned, Kamila transformed expectations into

opportunities. Despite prevailing norms, she turned her experience in the kitchen into a source of

strength, discovering her true passion for culinary arts. What makes Kamila's story exceptional is her

commitment to uplifting other Afghan women who have recently arrived in the U.S. Struggling with limited

opportunities, these women often face barriers to education and employment. Kamila believes their

collective culinary experience uniquely positions them for success.

Kamila's journey takes an emotional turn as she found love with Kamran—a love she cherished but kept

private. Life's twists brought her to the U.S., carrying dreams once suppressed. Inspired by a vision of

education, employment, and independence, Kamila recognized her strength lay in the rich heritage of

Afghan cooking.

Kamran Siddiqi, a seasoned professional with years of experience working for a USAID contractor, plays

a crucial role in supporting Kamila's dreams. Having witnessed his wife's unfulfilled aspirations in

Afghanistan, he stands firmly by her side, helping her turn aspirations into reality in the U.S.

Over the past two years, Kamila has explored her business niche, drawing from her extensive kitchen

experience. Driven by a profound love for culinary arts, she's transformed her passion into Khanagi, a home kitchen not just serving delectable meals but also sharing the story of Afghanistan through its flavors.

Kamila's home kitchen stands as a symbol of empowerment for Afghan women in a new land. It's not

just a place to cook; it's where the experience and skills of these women, like Kamila, shine through in

every dish. In Boston, Massachusetts, Kamila Siddiqi invites you to experience the warmth, tradition,

and exquisite taste of Afghanistan. With love from her home kitchen to yours, join her on a culinary

journey that transcends borders, connecting hearts through the universal language of food.

Kamila Siddiqi

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