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Anton Khlebas, a Ukrainian-born American and Navy veteran, embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial vigor and cultural dedication. Born in Cherkasy and educated in Kyiv, Ukraine, Anton’s journey has spanned continents, eventually anchoring him in Boston, USA. His business, Galaxy Kitchen, draws from the robustness and quality of Ukrainian manufacturing, offering clients superior kitchen solutions. Anton’s multifaceted life experiences, from being an English teacher in China to serving in the U.S. Navy, have imbued him with a unique blend of resilience, adaptability, and business acumen. A dedicated family man and an active pillar in the Ukrainian community abroad, Anton not only excels in crafting exquisite kitchens but also fervently supports his homeland through various community and fundraising initiatives amidst the ongoing conflict. His story is one of determination, cultural pride, and continuous evolution as both a business owner and a fervent supporter of Ukraine’s perseverance and strength.

Anton Khlebas

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