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Graduation Ceremony

Our Story

Our journey began within the vibrant halls of Boston University, sparked by a group of students united by a vision. We saw firsthand the hurdles faced by immigrant and refugee entrepreneurs — a talented, ambitious group in dire need of a support network to bring their business dreams to life. Armed with our business acumen and entrepreneurial zeal, we embarked on creating a haven for these visionaries.


Now, DREAM Venture Labs stands as a beacon of hope and innovation. We're not just a team; we're a movement of entrepreneurs driven to make a difference. We pair budding business owners with student advisors and consultants from across Boston's universities. These bright minds lend their expertise in marketing, product development, distribution, and more, all to elevate our DREAM Members' ventures.

Our impact resonates through Boston, with over 100 students dedicating their skills to empower our members. Our network of support extends to legal clinics for entity formation and partnerships with organizations offering educational opportunities.

At DREAM Venture Labs, we're crafting a global community where the unique talents of migrant and refugee entrepreneurs are not only recognized but also nurtured to their full potential. Our mission extends beyond the local landscape, aiming to enrich society by drawing top talent to the US and fostering an environment of innovation and inclusivity. Join us in our pursuit of a better future, where every entrepreneur has the support to thrive.

We believe that every aspiring entrepreneur can turn their dreams into reality, can create a meaningful impact, and can inspire positive change in the world with the right guidance and resources.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering immigrants to pursue their entrepreneurial aspirations and build successful businesses. Our mission is to provide a platform for aspiring migrant entrepreneurs to access the resources, knowledge, and networks they need to turn their ideas into reality, create sustainable economic opportunities, and contribute to their communities.

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Our Vision

Our vision at DREAM is to create a world where entrepreneurship is accessible to everyone, and innovation and creativity thrive, driving positive change and economic opportunities.

Meet Our Team

At the heart of DREAM Venture Labs is a team dedicated to bridging the gap between dreams and reality for refugees and immigrants. Originating from Boston, our team comprises passionate professionals, committed mentors, and driven student volunteers. Together, we harness the power of entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking to empower our beneficiaries to start and nurture successful businesses.

Our Interns

Sutherland Profile Pic - Matthew Sutherland.jpg

Matthew Sutherland

Partnership Coordinator

headshot edited - Jeffrey Xu.jpg

Jeffrey Xu

Grant Writing

IMG_1196 - Aidan Briggs.jpg

Aidan Briggs

Marketing and Community


Dalton Church

Fundraising and Marketing

73D4D9A5-C9DC-4A8C-B2E3-6C284E0EF76E - Allyson Dean.jpeg

Allyson Dean

Public Relations Intern

IMG_5166 - Misha Jain.jpeg

Misha Jain

Marketing and Community

Screenshot 2023-06-20 at 11.34.52 AM.png

Claire Elliot

Editor in Chief

IMG_9975 - Nick Media.jpeg

Nick Jennings



Erin Mui

Partnerships Director 


Rohan Shrivastava

Project Manager


Lara Meyerfreund Saade

HR and Volunteer Coordinator 


Kaden Sisk



Julia Shumkina

Marketing and Social Media Intern


Juliette Hulsizer

Newsletter Writer 

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