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Become an Intern with The Growth Accelerator

Are you a student passionate about technology and eager to apply your knowledge to real-world projects? DREAM Venture Labs offers an unparalleled opportunity through our Growth Accelerator program. Join us to work alongside innovative tech startups while gaining invaluable experience.

How You'll Grow

Real Projects

Get hands-on with projects that challenge you to use your skills and learn new ones.

Learning Curve

Participate in advanced courses tailored to the tech industry, enhancing your knowledge and expertise.


Receive guidance from experienced mentors who can help navigate your career path and growth in the tech field.

Ready to jumpstart your career in the tech industry? Apply now to become an intern with our Growth Accelerator and turn your academic knowledge into impactful experience.

Program Timeline

  • Application Deadline: March 21st

  • Interviews: Conducted in March and April.

  • Internship Duration: May to August.

Thanks for submitting!

What Students and Recruiters say

"Volunteering at DREAM Venture Labs has not only given me valuable experience in entrepreneurship but has also helped me land my dream job by demonstrating my passion for social impact and practical skills in business development."

Max @Boston University

"Volunteering at DREAM Venture Labs has been a truly rewarding experience, allowing me to make a meaningful impact while gaining valuable skills in entrepreneurship and leadership."

Loren @Boston University

"Having experience in entrepreneurship and volunteering demonstrates a strong work ethic, passion for making a positive impact, and valuable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, and leadership, which make candidates stand out"

Recruiter @Google

"Volunteering at DREAM Venture Labs is an excellent way for aspiring entrepreneurs to gain hands-on experience, develop practical skills, and make a positive impact in the community."

College Advisor 

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